BC British Columbia


Name Dreamweaver
Website www.dreamweaverbc.com
Email info@dreamweaverbc.com
Address Dreamweaver
3204 - 32nd Avenue
Vernon, BC
V1T 2M5
Phone 250-549-8464
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Name Echoes At Dawn
Website www.echoesatdawn.com
Email mail@echoesatdawn.com
Address Echoes At Dawn
388 Douglas St,
Prince George, BC.
Phone 250-277-1771
Comments Workshops, tools, statues, and more

Name Horned Owl Publishing
Website www.islandnet.com/~hornowl/index.html
Email hornowl@islandnet.com
Address Horned Owl Publishing
4605 Bearwood Court
Victoria, British Columbia, V8Y 3G1
Phone 800-563-6050
Comments A small publishing company focused on Wiccan/Pagan books.

Name The Threads That Bind Us
Website www.thethreadsthatbindus.webs.com
eBay Store
Email captainsable@shaw.ca
Address The Threads That Bind Us
3004 B 31st St.,
Vernon, BC
V1T 5H7
Phone 250-540-0341
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