Canadian Festivals

Wiccan festivals range from small to very large gatherings of people to socialize, share knowledge, buy/sell art and crafts, and celebrate the sacred. Some occur on privately owned land, others rent space from campgrounds or organizations. Facilities can range from wooded land with outhouses to conference halls in the heart of major cities with all the ammenities of modern life.

Festivals bring together muscians, poets, artisans, authors, and researchers that would elsewise be difficult for the average person to meet. If you are looking to learn about Wiccan culture, festivals can be a good place to meet and learn from some of the most interesting people in the Wiccan community. As well, festivals offer the chance to purchase hand crafted Wiccan tools, art, and related items that would elsewise be difficult to find.

Click on the links to the left to see festivals by region. If there is a festival that you are aware of that is not listed, please feel free to contact myself to have it added. Submissions should include the festival name, website, address, telephone and email contancts, and a brief description.

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