The Threads That Bind UsThe Threads That Bind Us

Owner: Diane Morrison
Address: 3004 B 31st St., Vernon, BC, V1T 5H7
Phone: 250-540-0341
Website: eBay Store

The Threads That Bind Us was started in 2005 by Amber Stinson, who had a dream of a retail space that was also a service to the community, and she started up a thrift store which donated to charitable causes from its profits.  She also expanded it to be a meeting place for artist's gatherings, poetry groups, and drumming circles to name but a few things.  Her original cause was the Vernon Treatment Centre.

In 2007, Amber sold the store to Heather and Craig, a young couple who shared Amber's vision, and they began to open the store to more esoteric interests.  They gathered more local crafters, a tea leaf reader, and a young Tarot reader to offer their services at the store.  They continued to donate some of their profit to charity, now the Good Food Box.

 In 2008, Heather and Craig were obliged to move and they sold the store to the Tarot reader - Diane Morrison.  Diane maintained the original vision of a retail store which supported charitable causes in the community, but also expanded on the esoteric aspect to making metaphysical crafts and offering a dedicated Tarot and Reiki room.  She also maintained donating some of my profits to a cause, now the Vernon Women's Centre.  Diane tried to keep her day job as well.  But a few short months after buying the store, her husband was in a horrible accident, and she needed to drop everything and stay with him in Vancouver while he was in the ICU.  Fortunately Diane is blessed with supportive family, such as her mom and sister, who kept the store going in her absence.

 When Diane returned, she had no desire to keep working at her day job, and her husband required her to have a job where she could be available for his care. Diane took it as a sign from the Universe that she should devote herself to the vision that was the store.  She began to invest some money and a lot more time into the store, and believes she has begun to create a haven of peace and enlightenment where visitors can acquire quality handmade and metaphysical products, local artisan's crafts, quality thrift items, and access more metaphysical services in one place than anywhere else in the Okanagan Valley.  And there's only more great things to come!