ScarletT. Scarlet Jory

Born: July 24th, 1972
Residence: Montreal, Quebec

Life and Times

Scarlet was born on July 24th, 1972. She has studied Paganism and Wicca since she was 14 years of age. Her field of expertise focuses on cultures and religions, magical and Wiccan practices, and research and teaching. She has obtained her BA in Classics and Anthropology and Certification in Journalism, Graphic Design and Technical Communication. Recently she added a BA Honours Religion degree to her repertoire. She commenced her studies for a Masters degree in Religion in the Fall of 2005 and work through it part-time while she teaches.

In 1994, she founded the Concordia University Pagan Society (CUPS) in an effort to develop awareness of this diverse spirituality. That same year, she was inspired to start the Crescent Moon School, which has experienced several evolutions since. On the public front, Scarlet has published articles and poetry and ran a local magazine (WynterGreene) on alternative spirituality. The Montreal Gazette, Pulse News, Jeu De Société, Second Regard, Eros, Global Morning Live and several radio stations and magazines have interviewed her.

Today she volunteers at the Montreal Pagan Resource Center, works as one of the managers at Montreal's internationally known Pagan supply shop Le Melange Magique/The Magical Blend, lives her chosen path as clergy and a High Priestess of Northern Cougars of the Black Forest Circle and Seminary.

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