Music, Myth and Magic

From her humble beginnings as a folk-singer in pubs and coffeehouses in the seventies, Castalia abandoned secular music, and turned her full attention to music for the Gods and the Craft in 1994, ten years after her first festival presentation of pagan song and chant at Pan-Pagan festival 1984, near Chicago.

Since then, she has systematically (but without a particular plan) added harp, mandolin, and a varieties of woodwinds and percussion to her arsenal, and studied music at Mohawk College before and after finishing her Honours Degrees in Anthropology, Religious Studies and Education at McMaster and Brock Universities.

She was called to serve the Old Gods of Britain and became a High Priestess in the Alexandrian Tradition in 1989, and then completed her Odyssean studies for initiation in the Odyssean Tradition in 1990.

Today her music, from four released albums and two in the works, reach around the world to pagans and especially people who call themselves The Wicca in a dozen countries via pagan radio and other interactive sites. She has toured extensively in the United States, but calls Wiccanfest and the surrounding area home.

In 2008 she opened "Cat Hair Studios" which is a recording and engineering studio specifically to support and promote pagan musical creativity.

This year at Wiccanfest, Castalia will return to her love of Astrology and present a series of workshops ranging from an introduction to Astrology to more advanced studies of the workings of the Astral Bodies in our lives. If you can, bring your birth chart or your birth data with you, and your own chart can be used as a learning and teaching tool for understanding what transformation lies in store for you and your physical and spiritual journey through this life.


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