SilverRoanCircleSilver Roan Circle

Location: Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec
Contact: silverroancircle@yahoo.cais

General Information:

The Silver Roan Circle is a small group of individuals who gather to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats. The Circle was formed by MoonRaven, Maiden West Winds, and AyuRenz one fateful camping trip in the summer of 2004, but was not officially called SRC until February 2009. Our path is Eclectic, with much emphasis on Green Witchcraft, and Kitchen Witchery.

Those new to the Craft are welcome, as we are currently gearing toward becoming a teaching circle. Herbalism, Divination, Folk Magic and ''101'' are the courses currently being offered.

We also hold a ''Witches' Night Out'' and a ''Witches' Coffee Meet'' once per month to share experiences and opinions. Open circles held on the Full Moon and the Sabbats are open to everyone, though there is a ''guest list'' of sort for each event, so make sure to reserve your spot atleast two weeks in advance.