Wiccan Church of Canada

Wiccan Church of Canada

Website: www.wcc.on.ca/toronto.html
Indoor location: Bavia Arts Centre 898b St Clair Ave West
Outdoor location: Serena Gundy Park at fire pit #4 (for rituals from Beltane to Harvesttide)
Phone: 416-656-6564 (this is the number for the Occult Shop, but they generally have up to date infomation on church events)
Public classes: Thursdays at 8pm.
Public rituals: Sundays at 7pm start time.
Priesthood contact: Richard & Tamarra James.
For more information: See the Toronto Temple page on the Wiccan Church of Canada website.

The goal of the Wiccan Church of Canada is threefold:

  • First, to assist practicing Wiccans in achieving a spiritual balance that brings them into true harmony with the Gods.
  • Second, to bring to the non-Wiccan population an understanding that we are a positive, reputable and life-affirming religious and lifestyle alternative.
  • Third, to achieve for Wiccans the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by other more mainstream religions.

The Wiccan Church of Canada seeks to provide:

  • Spiritual counselling
  • Teaching
  • Ritual
  • Advocacy for Religious Freedoms
  • Community Contacts

Serena Grundy Park

Finding us in the park can be tricky.

The best bet (if you are driving) is to take the entrance into the park off Leslie St., and drive down past the first and second parking lots, keeping right each time the road forks, until you arrive in a place where there is parking on the street. A parking lot is located just past this section. If you can find parking in this area, do so. Next, find the bridge that crosses over the river (it's just to the left of this parking section). Cross over the bridge and up the stairs. We usually meet in the grove at the top of the stairs to the left.

If you are taking public transit, go to Eglinton station, and take either the Eglinton East, Leslie, Lawrence East via Leslie, or Flemingdon Park bus. Get off at Brentcliffe, the stop after Laird but before Leslie. Walk north three blocks on Brentcliffe, then turn right on Broadway. At the end of of this street, you'll see the entrance to the park. Take the paved path down to the point where, if you look through a small stand of pine trees on your left, you can see it double back on itself. Walk through the pine trees, cross the paved path (you'll see a flight of stairs to your left) and you should see us right ahead of you.

Information copied from the official Wiccan Church of Canada website