Wiccan Church of Canada

Wiccan Church of Canada

Website: www.hamiltonwcc.ca
Location: The Sky Dragon Centre at 27 King William Street, Hamilton, Ontario
Public classes: Saturdays at 4:30pm.
Public rituals: Saturdays at 8pm start time, 7:30pm gather time.

The goal of the Wiccan Church of Canada is threefold:

  • First, to assist practicing Wiccans in achieving a spiritual balance that brings them into true harmony with the Gods.
  • Second, to bring to the non-Wiccan population an understanding that we are a positive, reputable and life-affirming religious and lifestyle alternative.
  • Third, to achieve for Wiccans the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by other more mainstream religions.

The Wiccan Church of Canada seeks to provide:

  • Spiritual counselling
  • Teaching
  • Ritual
  • Advocacy for Religious Freedoms
  • Community Contacts
Information copied from the official Wiccan Church of Canada website