Arin Murphy-Hiscock - Power Spellcraft for LifePower Spellcraft for Life

Author: Murphy-Hiscock, Arin
Published: (2009), Adams Media Corporation: Cincinnati, OH, USA
ISBN: 1-59337-272-8
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The purpose of spellcasting is to effect internal or external change on some level. The majority of spellbooks on the market today simply list spells for practitioners to use, even if they purport to teach the reader about spells. How does a reader learn to formulate, construct, and cast a spell of their own to create positive change in their lives?

The how and why of spellcraft is typically overlooked in recipe-like spellbooks. In Power Spellcraft for Life the essence that powers a spell is isolated and discussed in detail. The individual steps in creating and casting a spell are separated and examined, as are various methods of empowering spellwork for maximum benefit and effect. Obscure steps glossed over or only superficially addressed in other books, such as raising energy, are also explored in depth.

By reading Power Spellcraft for Life, the intermediate practitioner acquires a deep understanding of the crafting and casting process, refining their existing beginner level of spellcasting ability and obtaining better control over the creation of beneficial change in his/her own life. Practitioners will be able to create their own spells, understand the complex thought processes behind each step, and apply their new knowledge with confidence to enhance their lives with positive energy.

By looking at the art of spellcrafting and spellcasting without a specific religious context, this book is accessible to people of any path who are comfortable within the New Age genre. Examples of traditional and creative spells are used throughout the book to illustrate techniques and instructions, while an entire chapter is devoted to basic spells that serve as outlines, exercises, and inspiration for the reader. An index to all the spells within the text is included in the appendices.


Chapter Outline:

Chapter 1: Spellcasting Defined
An introduction to the concept of spells that looks at what a spell is - and what it isn't. By looking at the basic steps involved, you can begin to understand the function and purpose of a spell. The many benefits and opportunities for growth and positive change within the your life by crafting and casting spells are also explored.

Chapter 2: Spellcasting in History
A look at specific instances of the use of spells and magic in various religious paths, cultures, and time periods, culminating in the modern day.

Chapter 3: Crafting a Spell
A set of detailed step-by-step instructions on how to construct a spell. Each step is separated from the others and examined in depth. The steps are also analyzed in relation to each other, and by how they affect you in the spellcasting process, and how they initialize change.

Chapter 4: The Ethics of Spellcasting
What's to stop you from taking over the world? Your own ethical code, that's what! Every decision you make has effects and consequences for yourself and others. This chapter talks about how to evaluate a situation in order to fine-tune a spell, and how to take appropriate action.

Chapter 5: Timing is Everything
Correctly timing a spell can reward you with quicker, deeper change. This chapter looks at how to fine-tune spellcasting using moon phases, days of the week, the daily solar phase, the seasons of the year, and planetary energies. The mystery of calculating planetary hours is also explained in simple terms.

Chapter 6: Correspondences
Add extra power to your spellwork with the use of correspondences. Elemental energy, herbs, stones, deity energy, specific tools and other components can increase the power and precision of your spell. This chapter examines how to determine what correspondences you can use, and how to combine them for maximum energy and benefit.

Chapter 7: Raising Energy
How does a spellcaster "raise energy" to make the spell go? This tricky step is examined in detail, and tips and techniques are explored. These techniques can also be extended to other areas of your life requiring positive energy.

Chapter 8: Methods of Magic
Many spells function according to a spellcasting principle, such as sympathetic magic and imitative magic. These principles are explained, and magical techniques such as candle spells, knot spells, color magic, etc. are outlined. This chapter explores how they may be used alone or in combination for positive change.

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting
What happens when a spell goes wrong? How did it get off track? If a spell doesn't work, what happened? What can you do to fix these situations?

Chapter 10: Solo Spellcasting and Group Spellcasting
There are benefits and drawbacks to working alone, as there are to working with others. When is one technique preferable to the other? This chapter also examines some common myths regarding solo and group work, and provides valuable tips and tricks for both.

Chapter 11: The Art of Magical Substitution
The practical spellcrafter knows how to amend, edit, personalize or transform a spell into something else. Many existing spells use ethically questionable techniques to create change. With the knowledge in this chapter, you can re-write negative spells to reflect a positive approach, and encourage creation in your life instead of destruction.

Chapter 12: Spells to Inspire
Inspiration can help you develop your own spells for positive change. This chapter offers you a variety of spells designed for different situations to practice with, to use as templates, to serve as inspiration, and to modify for your own use. Explore these spells for health, business and finance, protection, relationships, creativity, and more.

Chapter 13: Beyond Spellcasting
When you have mastered spellcasting by the traditional method, challenge yourself with these advanced techniques. Established spellcasters often discover that experience offers wisdom which can inform their lives on various levels, leading them to integrate magical acts into the flow of daily life instead of doing extensive spellwork to transform their lives for the better.

Appendix I: Templates and Worksheets

Appendix II: Correspondences by Component

Appendix III: Correspondences by Need

Appendix IV: Index of Spells and Exercises



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