Arin Murphy-Hiscock - Power Spellcraft for LifeSolitary Wicca for Life: Complete Guide to Mastering the Craft on Your Own

Author: Murphy-Hiscock, Arin
Published: (2005), Adams Media Corporation: Cincinnati, OH, USA
ISBN: 1593373538
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If you are a solitary Wiccan, what do you do after you've read a handful of basic 101 texts? After those beginner books, you know about the Wheel of the Year; you know about the God and the Goddess; you know about the basic tools of ritual. But do you know the why of ritual? Where do you go from here?

Perhaps you have been practicing for a year or two, and now want to know more. Most beginner practitioners use ready-made rituals provided in 101 books for sabbat and esbat celebrations. Practitioners like you at the intermediate stage are ready to learn how to craft their own rituals step by step, which reflect their own personal interpretation of the Wiccan practice. Solo intermediate Wiccans also seek methods through which they can explore the ever-evolving relationship with the Divine in the form of God and Goddess, and ways in which they can further relate to Nature.

This book examines and explains the steps of ritual and how they relate to the Wiccan mythos. It explores simple and complex rituals step by step, and reveals the inner working of ritual to enhance celebration for every practitioner. Solitary Wicca for Life is a book for advancing solitary Wiccans who wish to enrich their basic practice by building on the basics. Written by an experienced Wiccan practitioner, it addresses the practice of this religion with respect, knowledge, and understanding.


Chapter Outline:

Chapter 1: Practicing Solitary Wicca
An examination of what it's like to work alone, and how solo practice relates to the larger picture, including a comparison of pros and cons of working solo and with a group. This chapter also recaps the basic precepts of the Wiccan practice, the basic Wiccan mythos, and the relevance of the modern origins of Wicca.

Chapter 2: Sacred Space
How does sacred space differ from a circle? This chapter explores the uses of sacred space, the steps involved in creating it, and offers various techniques for creating sacred space.

Chapter 3: Advanced Circle Casting
An exploration of what a circle is, the steps involved in raising one, and why Wiccans use it. This chapter offers variations on the basic circle-cast, techniques and applications, and visualizations.

Chapter 4: Spells, Energy Work, and the Solitary Wiccan
While spellcasting is not an essential element of Wiccan practice, it's common enough to necessitate an examination of the basic principles of spellcasting within a spiritual context. This chapter also reviews the basics of energy work, an essential element of ritual.

Chapter 5: Simple Rituals
Often included in larger rituals, simple rituals are things like purification, consecration, and blessing. They're rarely examined on their own. Understanding what they are, how they work, and what they mean helps you be more precise in Wiccan ritual. Learn how to plan, create, and apply your own simple rituals, within or without a larger ritual structure.

Chapter 6: Enriching Ritual
There's more to Wiccan ritual than a cup, a knife, a wand, and a pentacle. The use of tools and practices such as sacred drama and the uses and influences of masks, ritual garb, and symbols can bring new depth to your personal practice.

Chapter 7: Crafting Rituals
The various stages of a Wiccan ritual are separated and explained in this chapter, and the reader learns how to plan, write, and perform their own solitary Wiccan ritual.

Chapter 8: Sabbats and Esbats for the Solitary Wiccan
Solitary practitioners sometimes feel left out when it comes to celebrations such as esbats and sabbats, the two basic foundations of Wiccan practice. This chapter offers ideas and concepts to help a solo Wiccan formulate their own rituals for these occasions.

Chapter 9: Rites of Passage
Again, a solitary practitioner can sometimes feel at a loss when s/he desires to mark a rite of passage without a recognisable community to confirm it. This chapter explores the stages of a rite of passage, and explores how a solitary can approach both fixed and moveable rites of passage.

Chapter 10: The Power of Words in Ritual
Creating your own invocations, meditations, and prayers can sometimes stump or overwhelm a practitioner. This chapter explores how to approach writing these elements of ritual, and how to incorporate them into your practice.

Chapter 11: Spiritual Archetypes
The basic archetypes of God and Goddess are explored, and various expressions of these essences are discussed. Meditations and visualisations provide tools for the reader to deepen their relationship with the Wiccan deities.

Chapter 12: Drawing Down and Aspecting Deities
Drawing down is one of the most confusing and misunderstood practices within Wicca. This chapter explores the rite in both its forms, as well as discussing how to safely invoke the essence of a deity into your own body for a variety of purposes such as divination, guidance, and communion.

Chapter 13: Growing as a Solitary Wiccan
One of the most difficult aspects of being a solitary practitioner is the difficulty in evaluating your own progress. This chapter explores methods by which a solo Wiccan can structure and appreciate his/her own evolution and spiritual growth, and how this spiritual practice relates to the world at large.

Appendix I: Wiccan Texts



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