Arin Murphy-Hiscock - Power Spellcraft for LifePassages Pagan Pregnancy: A Spiritual Journey From Maiden To Mother

Author: Murphy-Hiscock, Arin
Published: (2005), Adams Media Corporation: Cincinnati, OH, USA
ISBN: 10 1598693972; 13 978-1598693973
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When a woman is pregnant, she becomes the very essence of the Goddess: she who carries life within her, she who will rebirth new life created from old.

There is more to a Pagan pregnancy than simply recognizing that pregnancy and birth have spiritual aspects. This book addresses those aspects of pregnancy and birth from a uniquely Neopagan perspective.

Rituals, exercises, and meditations form an essential part of the book, designed to help the woman attune to the energies that shift throughout pregnancy.

Topics explored include:

  • Spiritually preparing for pregnancy
  • Spiritual support for the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes that occur throughout gestation
  • Spiritual support for miscarriage and abortion
  • Rituals for conception, safe pregnancy, and safe delivery
  • Responsible magical practice during pregnancy
  • Ideological examination of pregnancy in myth and folklore
  • Reference lists of animal spirits and deities associated with safe pregnancy and birth
Information predominantly copied from Arin Murphy-Hiscock's Homepage.