Arin Murphy-Hiscock - Power Spellcraft for LifeThe Way of the Green Witch: Rituals, Spells, and Practices to Bring You Back to Nature

Author: Murphy-Hiscock, Arin
Published: (2006), Adams Media Corporation: Cincinnati, OH, USA
ISBN: 1-59337-500-X
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Witchcraft returns to natureā€¦

If you want to get back to the basics of witchcraft, look no further than your own backyard. The Way of the Green Witch provides everything you need to know to refine your study of witchcraft, including spells designed to get the most out of what Mother Nature has provided.

Renowned author and Wiccan High Priestess Arin Murphy-Hiscock gives expert guidance on subjects as:

* The history of green witchcraft

* Lessons of herbs and other natural ingredients

* Magical correspondences of plants, colors, and symbols in nature

* The seven central energies of the green witch's path

In today's increasingly urbanized and technological world, it's more important than ever to stay connected to your natural environment. But with The Way of the Green Witch, you'll learn to practice modern green magic--and come home to Nature's true way.

Chapter Outline:


What is the basic philosophy of the green witch? The earth is her primer, the natural world is her classroom. This introduction lays out the basic framework for the information found in The Way of the Green Witch.

Chapter 1: The Modern Green Witch

What is a green witch? Where does the practice come from? What are the benefits of living the green life in today's society? This chapter defines the green witch's path and discusses her spiritual ancestors.

Chapter 2: Elements of the Green Witch's Path

What tools does a modern green witch use? What are the basic components of her practice? Where does she work? What is her philosophy? All these are examined in this chapter.

Chapter 3: Listening to the Earth

There are several methods by which you can attune yourself to nature, even in today's busy, industrialized society. This chapter introduces methods such as sensing energy and sharpening your senses.

Chapter 4: The Four Seasons

Awareness of the solstices and equinoxes and how these are reflected in her own geographical location form the axis of the green witch's practice. The solar year is made up of four distinct seasons, each with resonance for the green witch. These four seasons can provide the basis for personal practice and the creation of a unique tradition specific to the individual green witch.

Chapter 5: Twigs, Leaves, Stars, and Stones

Using the bounty of nature in a personal spiritual practice offers the reward of knowledge and insight acquired through experience. This chapter looks at how the green witch uses the various elements of nature, including the sun and moon, trees, stones, flowers, and herbs.

Chapter 6: Crafting Green Witch Magic

Magical lore based in the green world is the central body of knowledge in the practice of green witchcraft. This chapter examines practical preparation, magical applications, crafts, and spells combining the various elements of the natural world, plus tips on preparation and storage.

Chapter 7: The Garden of the Green Witch

Cultivating your own herbs is one of the green witch practices. This chapter looks at the basic components of the green witch's garden, plus various methods of incorporating such a garden in today's world of city streets and high-rises.

Chapter 8: Teas, Oils, Baths, and Other Potions: Healing with Green

There are deep spiritual benefits to walking the path of the green witch. By immersing herself in the energy of the planet and its flora, a green witch can achieve higher levels of consciousness, which will benefit all those she interacts with and the environment in which she lives.

Chapter 9: The Green Witch in the Kitchen

As the green witch incorporates her practice into her everyday life, the preparation and consumption of food is one of the most direct methods by which we interact with nature. This chapter shows how the kitchen becomes the green witch's modern hearth, where healing and honoring take place.

Chapter 10: Expanding the Green Witch Circle

The green witch path is mostly a solitary one, but this doesn't mean she cannot learn from others. This chapter looks at methods of furthering and sharing the green witch's knowledge.

Appendix I: Magical Correspondences

Appendix II: The Seven Central Energies of the Green Witch's Path



Information predominantly copied from Arin Murphy-Hiscock's Homepage.