Pagan's Wake

Pagan's Wake was a magazine published in Ontario by Greg Currie during the mid-1990's; the magazine journaled Wicca and Paganism in Ontario during that period of time. The publication was originally a means to keep in touch with friends from festivals and soon grew in to a distribution of approximately 200 copies per edition. Pagan's Wake was predominantly distributed in Canada but was also mailed to locations in the United States, England, and Ireland. The original issues were predominantly written by Greg Currie, but as the magazine became established content was provided by a growing list of contributors.

Topics covered by the magazine generally focused about the interests of the various contributors ranging from poetry to herbalism to philosophy to personal stories of Wicca and Paganism. Each issue ended with a back cover including a section entitled, "Frosty Wisdoms," a humorous selection of quips regarding Wiccan life and philosophy.

Six issues were available to be scanned and archived: