In life you shone,
And grew like a mighty oak.
Your words and deeds,
The branches that reached out.

To be born, we must die,
It's a contract we can not break.
To have shared my life with you,
Meant today my heart must ache.

To rail, to riot,
To shun further mirth...
Would betray the gift,
The gift of your birth.

Reach down through your roots,
To the deep well of life.
Beyond the veil,
Find respite from life's strife.

Lord and Lady hear my call,
Take your child back home.
Love and protect,
Let this spirit not roam.

I release you, fare well.
In my heart you will live.
Till the gods return life,
And new birth do they give.

By: Greg Currie
June 25, 2009