Desert of Desire

Lost in a barren desert of want,
Parched and rife with need.
The bare firmament of your body before me,
Beneath me, around me...
Encompassing me without escape.
The hot driving sun of my desire,
Driving my body forward relentlessly,
Or more accurately...recklessly...
Careening instinctively, almost blindly...
My body aches and strains,
Until my need can be staved no longer.
I collapse to my knees,
The vision of your oasis before me.
Leaning forward with hungry mouth,
Seeking to sate the burning, gnawing beast within.
No... Needing...
Knowing that I must drink deep or I will parish.
I press my mouth deep into your nourishing wetness,
Drinking in with eyes and mouth and nose...
Wanting to submerge every inch of my body within you,
Within you... As a part of you...
To let you know the earnest, carnal nature of my need.
My need that can only be satisfied,
By the gift of nature that is your body...
I can feel your body quaking,
Like a deep tremor across the land.
Your rasping breath and throaty growl,
Like some wild animal from deep in the woods,
Or a distant crash of thunder echoing along a mountain range...
The tide of your body is cresting and falling...
You are an irrepressible ocean,
Crashing against the shores of my body,
Your wetness plainly spread across me,
An endless falling of waves of passion,
That seek to both press upon me and pull me within you at the same time.
No more is there want,
No more is there need,
For now there is only the moment,
This moment.
Your body rises in a final last desperate stand,
Like a towering tsunami above my island of tranquility,
You collapse upon my shores not like a tumultuous ocean,
But like the golden sun that breaks after a storm has passed.
Tranquil and warm...
Reassuring as a summer's day,
When there is nothing else to do,
But rest within my arms,
As nearby wild flowers blow carelessly in the breeze.

By: Greg Currie
November 11, 1995