The Stag and the Goddess
By: Greg Currie
August 17, 2008

Note: The [Bm] is a barred chord across all strings. On the [Bm] the index finger is raised and lowered on the B string, the upper E string on the [D], B string on the [A]. The A string is hit once fingering the second fret on the transition from [A] to [G], and the lower E string is hit once on the second fret from the transition from [G] to [E].


Intro: [Bm] [Bm]

With the cool summer's breeze
On the night's cool air
In the woods a stag
Did appear...

He lowered his tines
Till they touched the ground
The Goddess rose up
And climbed atop him

She was light as a feather
To his strong hooves
As they bounded together
Over rocks and roots

They rode through the darkness
And they rode through the light
Of an Artemis moon
Like a bow raised high

He was her strength
And she was his guide
Through the woods they rode
Till a clearing they came nigh

There were twelve in that clearing
With blades raised high
Not to kill, lest they,
Themselves, should die

They offered sweet incense
They offered blessed wine
They sang them a song
As old as time

The Goddess spoke softly
With words of love
She whispered them secrets
Of below and above

Then the rider and the stag
Turned back to the woods
The sound of singing
Echoed them home

The Goddess disappeared
As she stepped to the Earth
The Stag disappeared
As he turned to the woods