Candle, Candle
By: Greg Currie


I lit a candle for my desire
Sent my prayers out through its fire
Bm A E
My candle is an open door
Bm A E
To those who will be and those before

Candle, candle burning bright
In the day and in the night
By the moon and the sun's light
I share my dreams and I share my plights
(To the gods I love...)

I wrote a secret on a slip paper
I watched it disappear at tip of a taper
The smoke went away, my thoughts were betrayed
To the gods I love, open and displayed


When the winter nights, are at their height
Or the summer days are mostly light...
I call it, I shout it, light!
It comes and goes, as I light my candle light!



Audio recording made Spring 2010 in Ottawa, Ontario at an informal bardic night.
2010 Greg Currie. Produced here with permission of the author.