EvergreenEvergreen Tradition

By: Stephen Hergest

Evergreen is a Calgary-based, mixed-gender Wiccan tradition. Although we declared ourselves as a separate Tradition in 1998, we've been practicing the Craft since 1991. Evergreen's initiatory lineage grows out of the Dianic and Feri Traditions; we also acknowledge less formal inputs from English Traditional Craft, Reclaiming, and several other sources. As a branch of the Blackring lineage, we enjoy close kinship with other branches of Blackring. Evergreen seeks to balance the best of traditional Wicca with the flexibility of eclecticism. We do not limit our worship to any one pantheon nor to any single understanding of the nature of deity. The Rede - "An it harm none, do what you will" - is the foundation of our ethics. We honour the concept of polarity, but we don't translate this to limiting our gender roles.

As Evergreen's name suggests, we consider it part of our sacred duty to work for the wellbeing of the Earth. It is up to each individual member to decide how to act upon this duty; we do not, as a Tradition, espouse specific political causes.

Although we encourage our members to form covens and to be active in the Pagan community, we consider the basic unit of Craft practice to be the empowered individual. Every Evergreen initiate is their own priestess or priest, capable of creating their own acts of worship and magic. Whether solitary or in group practice, all members are encouraged to treat Evergreen as a lasting and supportive family.

Evergreen's initiatory system has three degrees. A first degree initiate, after slightly more than a year of study, has the basic toolkit of knowledge and skills for solitary practice, or for effective participation in a coven. Those who wish to lead, teach, or initiate may pursue higher degrees.

At present, the gateway to initiation into Evergreen Tradition is through Evergreen Teaching Circle, which accepts new students at various points during the year. Initiates of other, closely related traditions who wish to cross-initiate into Evergreen may seek individual consideration. Evergreen charges no fees for instruction, though students are encouraged to cover their fair share of expenses.

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